Rehabilitation and Remodeling

Rehabilitation and Remodeling Contracts

Why is Rehabilitation interesting?

Urban and historic buildings rehabilitation is a great way to renew and make our cities attractive, sustainable and more interesting for both residents and tourists.

Also, Rehabilitation and Remodeling are intended to centralise the city, instead of continuing to expand it to the surroundings.

In the past years, many buildings and urban infrastructures have been requalified in most of Portuguese cities, causing a very positive effect in the quality of the environment and attractiveness of investors and tourists.

Besides economic benefits, there are legal, financial and tax incentives for those who opt to rehabilitate properties in Portugal.

Rehabilitation Benefits

  • Equity valuation
  • Less environmental impact
  • Beneficial tax legislation (IMI, IMT, VAT, IRS)
  • Financial specific incentives
  • More easier licensing
  • Technical specialised support in some cities
  • Players specialised in rehabilitation

Rehabilitation Support

Through specialised partners, we support all rehabilitation and remodeling activities from A to Z.

Execution of rehabilitation projects with high quality patterns and rigorous deadline and budget fulfilment implies a careful selection of qualified contractors.

GT House provides solutions for remodeling and rehabilitating perfectly suitable to our customers’ purposes, within the best market conditions, thanks to rigorous criterions selecting our partner contractors.

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