Interior Design For Short Term Rental

Interior design for short-term rental properties.
Durability, functionalism and cost optimisation.

Strategic Partnership for Interior Design

GT House has established a partnership with Mint Design. This allows us to have experienced and specialised professionals of Interior Design for
Short-term Rental, capable of integrating attractive and competitive solutions for owners, investors and operations managers.

Interior Design for Short Rental

Due to their specificities and intensive use, Short-Term Rentals require a special care and additional preventions concerning their interior design. It should ensure:

  • Creation of a pleasant and attractive environment for other
    cultures, maintaining Portuguese architecture characteristics
    and national identity;
  • Suitability for short period stays with clear instructions for
    easy assimilation of guests;
  • Furniture and equipment’s functionalism, durability and
  • Owner’s budget target fulfilment.

We Manage Your Short Rental