4 Welcoming Packs That Will Surprise Your Guests

A close and personalised relation with your guests is essential for your short rental’s business success. The aim is to go beyond expectations, by making them feel at home and providing them a memorable experience.

Considering that first impressions have a significant impact, impressing your guests with a welcoming package on their arrival is an excellent way to boost their experience and satisfaction from the beginning.

Suggestion of a welcoming package presentation fulfilled with fresh and delicious products

Apart from showing your carefulness and effort to provide a pleasant stay, these packs will also add value to your short rental business management as well as improve the chances of positive feedbacks and customer loyalty.

Below we suggest 4 great ideas for creating a great welcoming package and impress your guest from the very beginning:

A Discount Card to a Typical Local Restaurant

One of short rental’s characteristics is the involvement and approximation of tourists and local community. So, why not creating a map with your personal suggestions of good local restaurants that are off the beaten tourist track?

In addition, you can offer a gift card to one of the restaurants you’ve suggested. To do so, you should get in touch with the restaurant manager and suggest a win-win deal. Certainly, he’s going to show interest!

Welcoming Package with Food & Drinks

The simplest (but very efficient) way, of welcoming and impressing your guests is to offer food & drinks, especially if they’re fresh and typical. Some ideas for simple packages:

  • Natural juice, coffee, fruit and fresh bread – ideal for early check-ins in the morning
  • Tea, coffee and homemade biscuits – for a mid-afternoon snack in family
  • Bottle of wine and a typical regional cheese – for food and wine lovers

The more personalised and adapted the package is, the more satisfied your guests will be. Put some time in a careful and tasteful presentation, organize your products in a nice basket and add a welcoming card signed by you for the last touch.


Good experiences are to be remembered and you can contribute to that, making your property stay in your guests’ memories. Offer something related to the most characteristic places or habits of the city. You may think that offering magnets, postcards or keychains is too cliché, but if you choose and conjugate them well, you’ll see it works.

If you wish to personalize your souvenirs and to go beyond the “obvious”: while your guests are checking-in, suggest them to take a funny picture with your camera or phone, in front of the property or in the living room. Edit and improve the picture and add your signature and contacts. At the end of the stay, print the photo or send it by email to your guests. Besides a souvenir, it’s also one more way of passing them your contacts.

Items Related to your Short-Rental’s Style and Surroundings

Relate and adapt what you offer to your guests with the style and location of the short-rental you’re managing. If your property is a chalet in the mountains, provide your guests with hot chocolate, wood for the fireplace and props for a snowman. Is your property a countryside cottage? If so, offer flowers, aromatized teas and straw hats. Beach house? What not sun-screen, beach ball and beach tennis rackets?

The key is to create packs with items that your guest will consider essential or an added-value within that environment or surrounding, but that they might have forgotten to take. Play with your property style and theme, and explore the world around it, in order to make the most personalized and original packages.


Author: Marta Mira Gomes, GT House